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If you don’t create data backups then you are at the risk of losing your important files some day. You may lose files due to disaster, fire, machine break down or human error. Whatever the reason is, it is important to keep safe data backups. Here are some tips on keeping your data backups safe.

Backup a little or more

You can choose your backup options. If you are using Windows XP or 2000, then you need to back up only your ‘Documents and Settings’ folder. You can have a lengthy back up as well. Make at least one extra copy of all your business and financial records, emails, photos and videos. If you have a complete system backup, like disk image, then it will help you recover fast from a drive failure. It is better to create a drive image right after you reinstall Windows and get your applications running.

Partition for safety

Windows and other applications dump the files you form to your ‘My Documents’ folder by default. This folder then separates music, photos, video and other kinds of files and keeps them in one spot for copying. However, it resides in the Windows boot partition which is the most vulnerable and crowded place in your computer. When you create a new partition for your data, backup becomes easier and safer has you can avoid overwriting the files when you reinstall Windows.

Find the right medium

You need to back up multiple copies on multiple sites. The reason is that your medium can go bad, so if one goes back you can still have copies in other medium. You can choose to have backups on CD, DVD, USB drives, clouds, etc.

Have good backup strategies

The most important one is the first backup that you make as it acts as the baseline for the rest of the backups. You need to run your backup software and select the folders and files that you want to protect. You must use password to protect your data. You can compress your backup to save space.

Encrypt your data

If you want more privacy, you should encrypt your data. You can give a descriptive name to each backup; also give time and date of the backup.

Using these tips you can keep safe backups of your files and folders. You need to check up on your backups regularly to see that it’s up-to-date all the time.


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