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Thousands of new startup companies appear every year. They all hope to be successful, but only a few can make it to the top. The competition is huge out there. Usually, the ones with a better idea and plan succeed. Some of them invest a lot of money, yet don’t succeed. Whereas, many small budget companies haven been successful in a very short time. Here are the three best software startups that were founded in 2015.



It is an internal communication platform that is used by more than 30,000 companies. This company was founded by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield. Its valuation is now more than $1 billion. Employees can communicate in one place using Slack no matter where they are –- at home or on the road.



It is a cloud-based hosting company founded by Ben and Moisey Uretsky. The company has seen huge growth in the past four years. It was known to be world’s fastest flowing cloud hosting service. The company has more than 400,000 customers and has raised more than $90 million in funding.



This helps companies know how their customers behave while on their mobile app or website with its A/B testing tools. Companies can look deep into the ability to view the entire path of the customer, instead of just the files. So far it has raised over $77 million in funding.

These startup companies are inspirations to many of the other startup companies that are struggling to make their space in this industry. Company owners can learn a lot from the successful companies. They must develop a good strategy to grow and move forward. You should have a proper plan first, to steer your company ahead.

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